My first Kotlin Symbol Processing Tool for Android

Background of requirements

1. KSP module config


2. SymbolProcessor

fun init(
options: Map<String, String>,
kotlinVersion: KotlinVersion,
codeGenerator: CodeGenerator,
logger: KSPLogger
fun process(resolver: Resolver): List<KSAnnotated>fun finish()fun onError() {}
  1. in init() : Read Gradle script property. Set codeGenerator to member field
  2. in process() : Collect @JsonClass(generateAdapter = true)annotated class
  3. in finish() : Generate Grouped JsonAdapterFactory

3. Init()

4. process()

5. CustomKSVisitor.kt

class KSVisitor<D, R> {
fun visitFile(file: KSFile, data: D): R
fun visitClassDeclaration(classDeclaration: KSClassDeclaration, data: D): R
fun visitFunctionDeclaration(function: KSFunctionDeclaration, data: D): R
// and so on.. argument, property getter/setter

6. finish()

val packageName = "com.example"
val outputStream: OutputStream = codeGenerator.createNewFile(
dependencies = Dependencies(
* { it.containingFile!! }
packageName = packageName,
fileName = "GroupJsonAdapterFactory"
|package $packageName
|import com.squareup.moshi.JsonAdapter
|import com.squareup.moshi.Moshi
|import com.squareup.moshi.Types
|// import target classes & target classes json adapter
|class GroupJsonAdapterFactory: JsonAdapter.Factory {
| override fun create(): JsonAdapter<*> {
| // declare logics
| }

7. Resources/


7. Consumer module

8. Wth??? My IDEA isn’t aware of KSP generated file


// consumer build.gradle.kts
ksp {
// SymbolProcessor.kt
private lateinit var projectName: String
fun init(options: Map<String, String>) {
projectName = options["projectName"]
fun finish() { outputStream.write("""
|class ${projectName}JsonAdapterFactory







Android Developer, Google Developers Experts

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SeongUg Steve Jung

SeongUg Steve Jung

Android Developer, Google Developers Experts

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